Our Vision

To bring the best eco-friendly products on a single platform at an affordable price.

Pankh is a revolutionary organisation working to preserve and protect the Environment by making it plastic free and also saving the trees by providing you the hand-picked Eco-friendly substitutes of toxic Plastic products in your everyday use made with various waste products around you. You can now buy the best of these products at one place and they are friendly to your pockets too. Mother Earth, no more tears, when Pankh is here.

The 3 R - Formula

Our strategy is to build a leading, focused eco-friendly company influenced by social responsiveness.
As we implement our strategy, we have 3 priorities to relieve the Earth’s ailings and continue to safeguard the planet from potential hazards. We strive to build trust with society through our efforts to work with probity and persistence and to find new ways to expand¬†the idea of various eco-friendly products and methods. The 3 priorities aka 3 R’s are as follows:


Firstly, we will recognise the three kinds of products: (a) the ones that are made of single-use plastic (b) the ones made from paper and cause deforestation(c) the waste products that can be recycled into environment friendly products.


We will then ask you to reduce the use of products that are causing harm to the environment.
For example, you cannot at once give up all the plastic at your homes, offices etc. but you can give up buying them in future.


This is the most revolutionary step and the main purpose of Pankh. We are here to provide you the best replacements to the daily use products that are harmful for the environment. These products are 100% biodegradable.