The products are build with products that are biodegradable and don’t leave a massive carbon footprint in the Ozone layer of the Earth.

The products are sustainable and offer the so needed sustainability many people seek when coming to our store. They’re analyzed before production so that they deliver on the offer!

Please refer to the product description of the item you would like to buy for a detailed description. The basic materials used however, are glass, bamboo, cloth, biodegradable plastic.

We use low waste packaging. Let’s break that down for you-

We use wrapped in cloth scraps from our local tailor and paper scraps from our printer. In other words, we only use post-consumer packing materials to ship our products from us to our customers!

Our labels are printed on recycled paper. We use paper tape as far as possible. We do have to use clear tape on the shipping label, as stipulated by our logistics partner. Do let us know if you have any ideas for us, to reduce this plastic clear tape from being used at all. Always open to suggestions!

We encourage customers to compost the toothbrushes, and recycle all packing materials.